Tumi Jute Bags, available in many sizes, perfect as a gift or to put a gift in it – Fair trade from India

  • Available in a variety of sizes and styles
  • Available as a unit or a bundle of 10
  • Strong bags that last and can be re-used over and over again
  • These are great as a gift or can be used to put a special gift in it
  • Very practical bags

These bags are made in India out of jute (also commonly known as hesian). This is a soft, long shiny vegetable fibre which is easily spun into strong threads which are often made into rope. Used across Latin America, Africa and India and becoming increasingly popular in the West as a sustainable alternative to plastic. These jute bag have the Tumi logo on them and ideal for gifts of all sizes.

Tumi was founded in 1978 promoting fair trade crafts and goods, working closely with organisations such as Traidcraft and Oxfam Trading. Tumi has worked with our partnersfor many years and ensures that we pay a fair price (set by our partners), good working conditions and a sustainable future for our workers and their children. Thank you for being part of this.

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